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Alex Nickmann


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Alex Nickmann was born 1976 in Dresden. He studied at the UDK - Sound Studies, acoustic communication and graduated in march 2010. He works and lives in Berlin.

Since the age of 12, he got educated in drums & piano and played in various bands. Already as a little boy, he was very interested in syntheshizer and electronic sound generation.

While playing drums & piano he got inspired to move his body, like music moves the space & mind. With 18 years he decided to studie contemporary dance at Rotterdams Dancsacademy. After completing his dance education he worked as a dancer with choreographers such as Emio Greco / P.C.Scholten (ICKAmsterdam), Vicente Saez (Valencia) Wilhelm Groener (Berlin) and others.

After working a couple of years as professional dancer, he focused back to music and sound. This dance experience has influence to his work.
Alexander Nickmann changed his family name from "SIEBER" to his origin family name "NICKMANN".



photo Antje Taiga


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